The Beermat Entrepreneur
The Beermat Entrepreneur

You’ve got a bright idea. An idea that you think maybe, just maybe, could become a brilliant business. But what next? The Beermat Entrepreneur is the answer. It takes you through all the crucial stages between those first notes on a beermat and a business that is sound, lasting and profitable. It tells you what the other books don’t – the lessons that most people have to learn by bitter experience; the tricks that all entrepreneurs wish somebody had told them before they set out.

From testing your idea and finding a mentor, through selecting and motivating the right people and securing your first customer, to deciding when to ‘go for growth’ – this is the guide to turning good ideas into real businesses.

Revised and updated completely, this classic book for entrepreneurs contains the distilled wisdom of serially successful entrepreneur Mike Southon and is packed with advice and insight for any aspiring business person, either within an existing company or thinking of starting up on their own.

Previous Reviews

Excellent. A must read for anyone who runs, or wants to run a business. No nonsense easy to read style.

Moshe H

Lots of great entrepreneurial ideas go to waste - but yours won't if you take the practical advice from this book. I have personally worked with Mike and found his input to be invaluable in getting an idea to the point where customers will buy something. If you want a no jargon, experienced mentor for your idea, this book is great. It gives you years of experience and financial support in one invaluable guide - wish I had read it 10 years ago.

Carmel McConnell

Like the other reviewers, I found this to be very clearly written and easy to read, and finished it in one sitting. I don't see myself as an entrepreneur, but as someone who might like to work in that environment, and this book has great descriptions of the other roles needed to get a business going, not just the man with the idea at the centre. Highly recommended.

Poppy S

Mike and Chris tell it how it really is - to be successful, you need to have a team. I learnt a lot from this book, and over time seem how right they are.

P Lacey

As others have said an easy read excellently written. I finished it in one session. It makes very clear what happens and what to expect during the various the stages of growth. The key high level points are well made, good practical advice.

R. J. Westmore

About The Authors

Mike Southon is a serially successful entrepreneur. He co-founded The Instruction Set, an open systems consultancy in 1984, and sold the company five years later to what is now Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. Mike has since been involved in seven start-up ventures, responsible for sales and marketing as well as helping to secure funding from venture capitalists. Mike is very active as an independent consultant, and has been a keynote speaker at conferences all over the world for Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and many others. He has been a visiting lecturer at City University Business School since 1992.

Chris West is a professional writer. As well as The Beermat Entrepreneur, he has co-authored three 'Beermat' guides to sales, marketing and finance. He also writes on history - his most recent book in this area is Eurovision! A History of Modern Europe through the World's Greatest Song Contest. He writes fiction (the China Quartet of mysteries has been published in Asia, the USA, the UK and Europe). Perfect Written English is a guide to good, clear communication. Chris has also worked in PR and marketing. Visit his site on: